Child poverty and children entering care in England, 2015–20: A longitudinal ecological study at the local area level

Out of Home Care (OOHC), Poverty, Young People, Children, Care Leavers

This article, published by Lancet Public Health, reports the outcomes of a longitudinal study that used linked data to investigate the extent to which trends in child poverty relate to trends in out-of-home care entry in England. The study found many trends, which are detailed in the report.

Success, retention, and completion of care leaver students in Australian higher education

Education, Report, Care Leavers, Report

This report from researchers at Latrobe University and Federation University Australia examines the access, geo-demographic profile, course selection, success, retention, and completion rates of care leavers across the two universities. The study found that a whole of life cycle approach to supporting care-experienced students is needed to address the compounding disadvantages they often face. The report noted that the outreach and recruitment strategies adopted by La Trobe University and Federation University Australia, supported by the Raising Expectations program – which is led by the Centre in partnership with the two universities and Swinburne University – show the potential to increase enrolments dramatically through targeted actions. The researchers make eight recommendations.

The voices of children and young people in out-of-home care 2021

Out of Home Care (OOHC), Young People, Client Experience, Children, Care Leavers

This report from the New South Wales Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People presents the experiences of 99 children and young people aged between 6-24 years old who spent time in the out-of-home care system in NSW. It covers their experiences of entering the care system and their education, health, and wellbeing; exiting the care system; and the advice they would provide to government. Further results are detailed in the report.