February 26, 2021 – 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Online - via Zoom

To mark Safer Internet Day on the 9th February 2021, this OPEN Forum brings together speakers who are working on issues related to children and their interactions with the digital world.

COVID brought a considerable increase in the use of internet among children. Although the internet offers wide-range of opportunities for children to learn, it also  poses potential risks. The risks can be avoided by informing parents and carers about the dangers and supporting them to help children navigate the web safely.

Research also suggests that children today are not just receivers of information, but are increasingly becoming active content creators in the cyber space. This requires us to consider strengths-based and multi-level approaches to support children with age-appropriate information about best practices to interact with the internet.

Our speakers will share their insights to equip children and young people. They offer a variety of approaches which explore child rights, early intervention strategies and raising awareness about children’s wellbeing.


Prof Amanda Third is a Professorial Research Fellow in Digital Social and Cultural Research in the Institute for Culture and Society and Co-Director of the Young and Resilient Research at Western Sydney University. Amanda will speak about children’s rights in the digital world.

Bec Nguyen is the Digital Projects Manager at Telethon Institute, Perth WA. Bec will speak about the Beacon cyber safety app, that provides prevention strategies for parents, carers and educators to support children and young people.

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