Exploring the decline in wellbeing for Australian girls

Mental Health, Young People, Gender, Report

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia has released this report reviewing the current evidence on girls’ wellbeing to understand the reasons for the wellbeing gap between male and female young people. It was found that gender stereotypes, driven in part by increasing social media usage, affect self-esteem, low engagement in physical activity, reduced feelings of safety and independence, and decreased sense of belonging for girls. The report calls for urgent action to improve girls’ wellbeing outcomes.

Gender differences in reading and numeracy achievement across the school years

Education, Gender, Journal article

This Australian Education Reseacher study details patterns in male and female achievement on the NAPLAN reading and numeracy test across school years. The study highlights gender discrepancies and potential causes.

Gender Equity Insights 2022: The state of inequality in Australia

Women, Gender, Collective Impact, Report

This Curtin University report details findings on Australia's gender pay gap with recommendations for a balanced representation of genders across industries to decrease the pay gap. This report also provides insights into specific industries and communities with higher gender pay gaps.