Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of prevalence, history of childhood victimisation and impacts

Family Violence, Young People, Client Voice, Report

This Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety research report uses quantitative and qualitative survey data from young people who have used violence to gain insights into their use and experiences. This report offers recommendations for primary prevention strategies for services engaged with young people that use violence.

Amplifying the Voices of Care-Experienced Children and Young People in New Zealand

Out of Home Care (OOHC), Client Voice, Podcast

This podcast episode features a discussion between the CEO of Family for Every Child and staff from VOYCE-Whakarongo Mai, an organisation in New Zealand focused on advocating for care experienced children and young people. Valuable for practitioners interested in child advocacy and hearing the voices of those with care experience.

Compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders: Final report

Client Voice, Evidence Informed Decision Making, Children and Young People, Report

This Australian National Research Organisation for Women's Safety report details findings from a research program focusing on compliance and enforcement of family law parenting orders. The report found decision-making process did not include children and young people's voices and systemic issues in the family law system and may be relevant for family and law services.

Getting the NDIS back on track: A survey of people with disability

Disability, Client Voice, Report

This Summer Foundation and People with Disability Australia report provides insights into people with a disability using the NDIS. The report highlights the importance of communication, a timely and efficient system with more expertise among NDIA staff. This report is relevant for services with clients accessing NDIS.

I believe you: Children and young people’s experiences of seeking help, securing help and navigating the family violence system

Family Violence, Client Voice, Children and Young People, Report

The Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre (MGFVPC) conducted a research project in collaboration with FSV to develop MARAM practice guidance. This report presents findings from in-depth interviews with Victorian children and young people (ages 10-25) who have experienced family violence, providing valuable insights for practitioners working in this field.

Indigenous services leading the way for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Client Voice, Culturally Responsive Practice, Journal article

This article in Social Work Education highlights the importance of Indigenous-led out-of-home care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. Based on qualitative research, it provides ten directives to non-Indigenous stakeholders, offering guidance on managing mistrust, combating racism, and empowering Indigenous voices. This valuable resource informs practitioners about the need for culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches in supporting Indigenous communities within the child protection system.

Talking About My Generation: Australians 18–25 years old

Young People, Client Voice, Report

The Australian Human Rights Commission's report provides insights from discussions with young people aged 18-25 on financial management, social conduct, mental health, and social media. It highlights a generational gap and is relevant for practitioners working with young people.

Transforming responses to intimate partner and sexual violence: Listening to the voices of victims, perpetrators and services

Family Violence, Client Voice, Report

ANROWS has released the findings of their 'Voices' national project, focusing on the experiences of victims, survivors, and perpetrators of violence in seeking help from services. This study identifies critical gaps in service responses and interventions, providing valuable research papers and panel discussions for practitioners to enhance their understanding and address these issues effectively.

Truth is, the abuse never stopped: Adult insights on the support they received when impacted by childhood domestic and family violence

Family Violence, Client Voice, Report

This Barnados research report provides findings on a study that engaged adult client voices on their experiences of family violence as children and young people. This report provides insights for service providers on areas of improvement from the lived experience of clients.

Victim-survivors’ views on and expectations for the criminalisation of coercive control in Australia: Findings from a national survey

Client Voice, Coercive Control, Report

Monash study presents national survey findings on victim-survivors' views of criminalising coercive control. 87.5% support making it a criminal offence. Majority believe it would improve community understanding (93%) and enhance their own safety (72%). Valuable for practitioners to consider victim-survivors' perspectives and inform policy discussions on addressing coercive control.