A Menu to better support the sector

The ‘sector’ is understood to include all organisations that provide support to vulnerable children, young people and families, spanning across universal, targeted and tertiary services and including the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Menu will support an evidence-informed service system by making research evidence more accessible to a wide variety of users, and by translating research evidence to support evidence-informed decision making by practitioners and policy makers. The Menu will be both rigorous and transparent and build upon previous work that has identified gaps and issues with existing menus.

The Menu will be:

  • a repository of established evidence-based practices and programs
  • a tool through which the sector can document and disseminate their innovative programs
  • living – practices and programs will be changed, added to and amended according to the latest available evidence. Local programs with rigorous evidence to prove that they deliver improved outcomes for vulnerable children and families will be added to the menu.