Presentations under this theme focus on providing therapeutic models of care that enable young people to participate in the decisions related to safe relationships, improving residential services and transitioning from care. They also highlight the importance of culturally responsive models of care.Keywords: young people's voices, lived experiences, COVID, out-of-home care, foster care, multicultural communities


  • Monash University and CREATE Foundation: Embedding ethical and trauma-informed approaches to youth participation in out-of-home care and transitions from care
    • Speakers: Jade Purtell (She/Her) and Jenna Bollinger (She/Her), Monash University and Deborah Watson, CREATE Foundation


  • Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH): Improving care in Victorian residential services: a new partnership approach
    • Speakers: Linda Harrison (She/Her), Dylan Langley and Lived Experience Consultants


  • Uniting: Implementing the introduction of a therapeutic model of care practice in residential care against the backdrop of a pandemic
    • Speakers: Adela Holmes (She/Her) and Doug Faircloth (He/Him)


  • MacKillop Family Services: The Safe Relationships Program: a therapeutic approach to young people who use violence in relationships
    • Speakers: Mark Colletti (He/Him) and Megan Port (She/Her)

  • Settlement Services International: Lost in translation: Exploring cultural explanatory models in foster care
    • Speakers: Janet Irvine (She/Her) and Ghassan Noujaim (He/Him)

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