Presentations under this theme focus on collaborative interventions approaches to family violence situations. They also highlight the importance of keeping children at the heart of the interventions and the impact of family violence or domestic homicide on children.Keywords: children's voices, lived experiences, Safe and Together model, collaboration and integrated practice, COVID


  • University of Melbourne: Listen: a resource for practitioners who support children, young people and families bereaved by domestic homicide
    • Speakers: Dr Katitza Marinkovic (She/Her) and Kathryn Joy (They/She)

  • University of Melbourne: Keeping children in view through the Safe & Together™ Model
    • Speakers: Professor Cathy Humphreys (She/Her), Dr Margaret Kertesz (She/Her) and Jasmin Isobe (She/Her)

  • Sexual Assault and Family Violence Centre: Children and Mothers in Mind (CMIM) – The surprises and challenges of delivering a parent/child group
    • Speakers: Imogen O’Neill (She/Her) and Lynda Dunne (She/Her)

  • Centre for Non-Violence (CNV) and North Central Victoria Family Services Alliance (NCVFSA) at Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS): Collaboration – A plan for making the difference
    • Speakers: Alison Carson (She/Her), (CNV) and Kate Howells (She/Her), (NCVFSA – BCHS), Yvette Jaczina, (CNV) (she/her); Vicki Huggard, Kyabram Community and learning Centre, (She/Her); Sati Ozbek, (CNV) (She/Her); and Hayley Reaby, (BCHS) (She/Her)

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