Getting started

You have an agreed action plan; now its time to put it into practice and collaboratively work towards your client’s goals. Guided by your organisation, you will begin to collect client feedback and other data to understand how the plan is being implemented and the change that is happening for your client.

Reviewing this information with your colleagues and client supports you to adapt and refine your practice and the strategies delivered. In some cases, you may need to go back to Design if the action plan, practices or programs are not working.

If your team is implementing a new evidence-informed program or practice, at this stage you will:

  • Start participating in training and learning using a preexisting manual or modules
  • Receive supervision and, in some organisations, coaching, to support you to reflect, troubleshoot and deliver the new approach.


Some helpful steps in the Implement phase:

  1. Support clients to complete agreed actions
  2. Monitor progress towards agreed outcomes
  3. Reflect on and review approach; make data-informed decisions.

Try these techniques to help you ‘Implement’:

  • Apply the strategies outlined in the action plan
  • Collect and review monitoring data for progress towards outcomes
  • Seek and integrate client feedback
  • Undertake ongoing training, supervision and coaching to support evidence-informed practice
  • Reflect and review: Use the data, your practice expertise and your client’s feedback to investigate why actions may/may not have led to outcomes

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