These new AVITH training workshops provide foundational knowledge for professionals working with adolescents and young people who use violence in the home (AVITH). All workshops are interactive, utilise informed case study examples, and allow for reflection and discussion about how to integrate learnings into practice.

Module 1

Explore contemporary understandings of AVITH and issues of complexity:

  • Definitions and language, including differentiation from adult forms of violence
  • Presentations and drivers of adolescent violence in the home
  • Victorian context: specialist services, police responses
  • Legal implications for a young person who has used violence in the home

Module 2

Explore adolescent development and the impacts of trauma and disability on use of violence:

  • Overview of the nervous system and physiological responses to stress
  • Impacts of trauma on the developing adolescent brain
  • Intergenerational impacts of trauma on parenting a dysregulated child
  • Understanding violence through a disability lens, including issues of autism, ADHD, mental illness

Module 3

Explore approaches to integrate whole-of-family work:

  • Engaging with a young people who uses violence
  • Work with parents/carers, including managing expectations
  • Challenges for working with families, including relational dynamics, avoiding collusion, accountability and responsibility
  • Relationship building (when safe and appropriate).

Module 4

Building on the previous module, explore risk assessment and safety planning for individual members and the whole family

  • Key considerations for basic assessments, including cumulative harm assessment
  • Use of information sharing schemes, including FVISS and CISS, to inform our assessment
  • Balancing multiple risks when other family members are using violence

These training sessions will be available soon on the Centre’s Learning Management System.

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