• A socio-ecological exploration of adolescent violence in the home and young people with disability: The perceptions of mothers and practitioners
    (ANROWS, October 2022) Read more
  • Connecting the dots: Understanding the DFV experiences of children and young people with disability within and across sectors.
    (ANROWS, September 2022) Read more
    Summary infosheet
  • The nature and extent of domestic and family violence exposure for children and young people with disability
    (ANROWS, September 2022) Read more
  • Toward a socio-ecological understanding of adolescent violence in the home by young people with disability.
    (ANROWS, May 2022) Read more
  • Supporting the developmental needs of children with neurodiversity (Webinar)
    (AIFS, February 2022) View resource

First Nations

  • Autism, Our Kids, Our Stories. Voices of Aboriginal Parents across Australia
    (Positive Partnerships, April 2023) Read more
  • Measuring Success for Aboriginal Victim Survivors: Development of a Holistic, Culturally Relevant Measure of Client Outcomes in Aboriginal Family Violence Services for Women and Children Victim Survivors
    (VACCA, Uni of Melbourne, Ongoing) Read more
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup: Strengthening our service and systems responses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people who experience domestic and family violence
    (ANROWS, February 2023) Read more
  • New Ways for Our Families: Designing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practice framework and system responses to address the impacts of domestic and family violence on children and young people
    (ANROWS, April 2022) Read more

Programs and service usage

  • WRAP around families experiencing adolescent violence in the home (AVITH)
    Centre for Innovative Justice (CIJ)  Read report 
    Collaborative Practice Framework
    Media Release
  • Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of service and support needs for young people who use family violence.
    (ANROWS, October 2022) Read more
  • Evaluation of the pre-court support for adolescents using violence in the home (AVITH) pilot: final evaluation report.
    (Centre for Innovative Justice, September 2022) Read more
  • Adolescents using Family Violence (AFV) MARAM Practice Guidance Project 2022: Review of the evidence base
    (Centre for Innovative Justice, August 2022) Read more
  • A Systematic Review of Child to Parent Violence Interventions.
    (University of Woollongong, December 2021) Read more
  • Understanding and responding to adolescents using violence in the home
    (Victorian Law Week, May 2021) Read more
  • The PIPA project: Positive Interventions for Perpetrators of Adolescent violence in the home
    (Centre for Innovative Justice, March 2020) Read more

Mental Health

  • Missing Figures: The Role of Domestic and Family Violence in Youth Suicide – Current State of Knowledge Report
    (Griffith University, 2023) Read more
  • The mental health and mental health service utilisation of young people that engage in violence in the home.
    (Swinburne and The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science) Hear more
  • Responding to Adolescent Violence in the Home – A Community Mental Health Approach
    (Alfred Child and Youth Mental Health Service, 2021) Read more

Young people's experiences

  • Listen to her. Act Now: The experiences and impact of child abuse on Australian girls
    Monash (November, 2023). Download the report
  • Young people’s experiences of identity abuse in the context of family violence: A Victorian study.
    (Monash, March 2023) Read more
  • I believe you: Children and young people’s experiences of seeking help, securing help & navigating the family violence system
    (Monash, February 2023) Read more
  • Children’s voices for change: A rights-based approach to understanding and implementing effective supports for children and pre-adolescents as victims and survivors of family violence
    (ANROWS, ongoing) Read more
  • Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of prevalence, history of childhood victimisation and impacts
    (ANROWS, September 2022) Read more
    Summary fact sheet
  • Amplify: Turning up the Volume on Young People and Family Violence.
    (Melbourne City Mission, December 2021) Read more
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: Exploring the lived experience of adolescent-to-mother violence where there is a history of DV
    (University of Queensland) Read more
  • APVA: The experiences and perceptions of young people
    (University of Central Lancashire) View research poster
  • Knowing that they hurt their mum is really hard
    (University of Queensland) View presentation

Newly arrived young people

  • “Better the devil you know than the system you don’t understand”: Creating better outcomes for newly arrived young people experiencing family violence
    (Melbourne City Mission, 2023) Read more

Intimate partner relationships

  • Young, in love and in danger: teen domestic violence and abuse in Tasmania.
    (Anglicare TAS & Social Action Research Centre, November 2022) Read full report
    Research brief
  • Interventions for young men and boys using IPV in early relationships: Analysing identification, referral and practices, and investigating motivating and protective factors for targeted intervention.
    (ANROWS, ongoing) Read more
  • What helps young people create healthy relationships and reject domestic violence?
    (University of South Australia, ongoing)
    The project aims to identify the protective factors that can prevent the of inter-generational transmission of violence to inform policy and practice in health, welfare and education. Initial findings reveal that various supports, such as counselling, strong social networks, and portrayals of healthy relationships through media can influence the choice of maintaining healthy relationships.
    Contact: Fiona.buchanan@unisa.edu.au
  • Working with children who are experiencing or engaging in bullying behaviour (Webinar)
    (AIFS, August 2022) Watch webinar
  • Adverse childhood experiences among youth who offend: Examining exposure to domestic and family violence for male youth who perpetrate sexual harm and violence
    (ANROWS, August 2022) Read more
  • Young people as agents of change in preventing violence against women
    (ANROWS, May 2019) Read more

Parent/ Practitioner perspectives

  • “I Wasn’t Gonna Quit, but by Hook or by Crook I was Gonna Find a Way Through for the Kids”: A Narrative Inquiry, of Mothers and Practitioners, Exploring the Help‑seeking of Mothers’ Experiencing Child to Parent Violence
    (University of Wollongong, March 2023) Read more
  • ‘He’s out of control, I’m out of control, it’s just – I’ve got to do something’: a narrative inquiry of child to parent violence
    (University of Wollongong, July 2022) Read more
  • Investigating Adolescent Family Violence in Victoria: Understanding Experiences and Practitioner Perspectives
    (Fitz-Gibbon, K., 2018) Read more
  • Adolescent Violence: Women’s Stories of Courage and Hope
    (Anglicare Victoria) Read more

Collaboration and coordination

  • Coordinated Responses: Continuing to Strengthen Collaborative Practice
    (The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, No To Violence, Safe and Equal) Read more

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